Multimedia Installation

The foundation of the piece Contact is an exploration of the essence of enthalpy. In a balanced thermodynamic system, different energy microstates coexist at a molecular level compatible with the general state of the system. Enthalpy is the quantity of energy that a system exchanges with its surroundings.

The general state of a system is made up of three elements: light, smoke and the movement of the robotic arm. Each body occupies the space and develops independently to the behavior of the others.

The work itself opens up the possibilities of dramatically playing with the dimensions of the space, since the bright graphics and shadows of changing hues transform the surface as the elements come together, or disengage.

Regardless, as an antithesis and creator of change, the central piece connects and creates a synergy and as a result, we witness a fleeting yet sublime moment: visible and invisible; material and immaterial; lasting and ephemeral.